Just as the young recruits came to the Naval Training Center (NTC) to begin a journey, a journey marked by personal transformation that came from serving something larger than themselves, similarly, The Barracks guests will also be given an opportunity to join a movement larger than themselves.

A movement inspired by the building's historical roots but also inspired by a new story, a story of a transformation and rebirth. A new district, devoted to offering residents and guests with an opportunity to take on the remarkable task of creating something personal and then offering it to the world. Artists use bravery, vulnerability, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist takes it personally; the work, the process and the feedback from those with whom we seek to connect. Art is personal. Art is what it is to be human.



The Arts District at Liberty Station is a place where artists can showcase their craft in painting, drawing, performance, design, fashion, culinary exploration and of course, beer.

The Barracks, as part of the Arts District at Liberty Station, will become a contemporary epicenter for culture, liveliness, and artistic & imaginative expression. The Barracks will feature artwork within the lobby design, pubic spaces and in the guest rooms.  We will showcase local artwork and collaborate with cutting-edge, local artists and makers to bring The Barracks back to life using unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces, found items, and distinctly unexpected interpretations. Untitled will guide the transformation of The Barracks into an innovative, creative entity, attracting guests who seek out interesting experiences and vibrant design elements while traveling.

We will honor the past by interpreting our rich history in new, unexpected ways. With rotating exhibitions of works by local living artists, site-specific installations, consistent cultural programming and original events, The Barracks visitors will keep coming back and will share the vitalizing experience with their friends.

The Barracks invites it's guests to begin a journey of personal discovery as they experience unexpected art forms throughout their visit. From the time they walk through the door they will be immersed into a space that celebrates art.

Art of service, personal service.

Art that demands participation.

Art that challenges the status quo.

The Barracks experience takes something expected and combines it with the unexpected to create a new thing altogether. A celebration of dichotomy.

As a society we are given access to all the information in the world, but the majority of people use this control to build walls of comfort around themselves. Barriers built by information and influences that only support the status quo. The Barracks Hotel will use art as an opportunity to invite guests to look at the world through a new lens, to begin a journey of personal transformation that questions if the truth we know today will be our same truth tomorrow.



When “these walls talk” the stories are not a log of unremarkable dates or ho-hum descriptions of the ceremonial. Such things are important and have a place. It’s just, we’ve decided this is not that place.

The Barracks is not just the story of recruits embarking on their first years of service to country. The Barracks is foremost the story of these people as humans. Eager, scared, youthfully ignorant and proud. We think big stories are really just a lot of little stories and the little stories are a whole lot more interesting, often unexpected, and highly relatable.

So with this in mind, we built a hotel in this place. Your time here, like those before you, may be short. For them, the training stage was transformational. One they will never forget. Your stay as well is brief. But when you allow, it will be impactful in unexpected ways. This is how to make history truly memorable. 



To allay any fears of drafty nights, plank hard beds and overt naval cliché, we have used a broad brush to reinterpret your stay.

Although the design intent is rooted in history...we’re doing our jobs right if you have to look more than once at the seemingly obvious.

You will feel an authentic sense of place. But that place is here and now - modern technology and amenities, engaged service and all that makes a great stay abound. It’s a stay with history not a stay in it. 



Not only a reference to the hotel’s location, “liberty” in the military is time off, away from the everyday, a sojourn, a 96.

We believe the stories you bring back to the hotel are as important as the ones made while there. We would be amiss to think that the bonds of brother and sisterhood only occurred while on duty. We are sure they did not. Many more meaningful memories occurred beyond the walls of The Barracks. Today, this burgeoning hub finds itself reemerging as the most distinct neighborhood within the city. Filled with a unique collective of entrepreneurs, local artisans and makers that represent everything that America's Finest City has to offer.

Be on “liberty” while on Liberty. 



The Barracks Hotel is making courageous decisions, reviving history differently. Honoring Naval legacy with bearings skewed toward the unconventional, we believe the best service to the past is to make it personally relevant in unexpected ways.

We are committed to the pursuit of curating the truly memorable.

The Barracks.

Where only the past makes you present again.

Welcome aboard - SPRING 2019