Untitled Hospitality is a multifaceted hospitality collective that owns, develops and operates specialty hotels nationwide. Based in San Diego, California, Untitled is founded on the principle of collaborating, sharing, and galvanizing the creative process to fashion uncommon hotels that challenge the status quo through bold design, exceptional amenities, interactive guest experiences, familial service and unique location.


We will challenge people’s conception of what a hotel can be and make an indelible impression on the industry as a whole. We believe things are almost universally better when people do something the way they think it should be done – the way they truly believe is the best way.  We believe our way is best.



We have to be great at what we do, providing remarkable experiences to our guests, partners and coworkers, while conducting business in ways that respect our personal and collective goals to keep doing it better, our version of better, our version of great.

If we do something that we’re great at and we’re doing it our way (after all, it’s always helpful to be unique and great, rather than just unique or just great), then it’s simply up to our potential guest (you), to decide for themselves whether or not they like what we do. If they do, then they’ve just discovered that finally someone is doing hotels in a way that gets them excited.

Do it your way” is a philosophy. Our way is actually your way, and we believe our way is better, and you do too.

If we are great at what we do, the world will be a better place as a result. And that, friends, is a really great thing.

Our rare form of gracious hospitality is vividly experiential, a free and captivating experience that makes you feel remarkably welcome. We love what we do and we love who we do it with. We are family and treat each other with the utmost respect and appreciation. We are not about being everything for everyone, we are about being everything for you. We allow our service and the experience of being with us serve as our art, and the memories that we create together are the essence of why we exist. From our coworkers, to our local partners, to our friends – we are all making a conscious decision to be here, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

Who We Are. ( beliefs )

Work is a lot more fun done together than apart - that's why we are greater than me. (We > me.)

We are collaborators at heart and all we do is based on this state of mind. Your ego is not your amigo, so we just go with the best idea, no matter where it comes from and we are willing to learn from anyone. We believe in happiness, and we create happiness because it attracts more happiness. We do our best every day and we know that the little things matter. The truth always feels right. We believe that you should create something remarkable each and every day.

We are family and we understand that we all have families.


What We Do. ( values )

We cultivate potential by investing in our people and our product. We care more about your well-being and the environment. We listen well and take the time to really understand your needs. We remain humble and keep true to our philosophy. We keep things simple because it makes life easier. We embrace innovation and constantly challenge the status-quo. We are involved in our communities and are committed to making them better. We love what we do and it shows.

How We Do. ( commitments )

We will always deliver a remarkable guest experience. For our coworkers, we are committed to their growth and development and we will settle for nothing less than being the best place to work. We always do what we say we are going to do for our friends (guests), our co-workers, and our partners. To cultivate our potential and provide opportunities to our people we must grow our company. If we make a difference in our community, we make a positive impact in people's lives.